Toni Solenne, Ed.D.
Author, Speaker, Spiritual Leader, Counselor and Leatherwoman
            Toni Solenne
Special Project for The Carter-Johnson
Leather Library

Toni is currently writing about her experiences
as Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2012 and
collating the results of 30 leatherwoman
roundtable discussions during her 25 city tour.
Publication is due out 2014.

The Carter / Johnson Leather Library is a
non-profit [501(c)(3) pending] organization that
consists of a traveling collection of thousands of
books, magazines, posters, art, club and event
pins, newspapers, event programs and
ephemera showing leather, fetish, S/M erotic
Latest Writings

A series of erotic and title-based short
stories can be found on Toni
Solennefetlife  profile.


Pins: A Leather Tradition
FIST Newsletter, Volume 2 Issue 1
(March, 2012)

Earning Leather: A Leather Tradition
Depression and BDSM

FIST Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 3
(October, 2011)

Mentoring: A Leather Tradition
Safer Sex 101
FIST Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 2 (July,


Back Patch Clubs: A Leather Tradition
FIST Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 1
(March, 2011)
Become Your Vision:
A Spiritual Retreat for Leatherfolk
October 3-5, 2014
Asheville, NC
Kink D'Soleil:
A Benefit for Sisterspace Sexuality Space
August 2nd, 2014
Diamonz, Allentown, PA
Walking with our Ancestors:
A Spiritual Retreat for Leatherwomen
May 16-18, 2014
Poconos, PA
Toni Solenne, Author
Toni Solenne, Educator/Counselor
Toni Solenne, Spiritual Leader
NEW FOR 2014


West End,
Allentown, PA

Saturday Hours

**Become Your
Leathermen and

October 3-5
Asheville, NC
    50 Shades of Fear and Misinformation being presented in:
Allentown, PA - May 24, 2014           Philadelphia, PA-June 14, 2014
Harrisburg, PA-June 28, 2014          Pittsburgh, PA-   July 12, 2014